Top Comic Books you must read in 2022

6 Top Comic Books which you must Read & Enjoy

1. The Incredible Hulk ( BUY ON AMAZON )

A big, strong, green, and powerful specie probably known as The Hulk is awesome to watch on TV and on Mobile phones the ones who love this character watch him daily.

People who love these characters also love to learn more about them so here we are with the awesome book “The Incredible Hulk”.

We recommend you to read this book to get more knowledge about your favorite character and hos who loves this character will surely read this book. This is an awesome book for you.

2. Wolverine ( BUY ON AMAZON )

We all know the characters of the Marvel universe and Wolverine is one of them. Rewriting wolverine’s entire history and how the wolverine evolved.

If you are a Marvel universe fan then you will enjoy this series. Start reading this book now it will show you a bigger picture of wolverine’s character and its history.

3. Batman( The Long Halloween) ( BUY ON AMAZON )

Do you love Batman’s Character? Here is the best comic book for you The last Halloween.  In this comic book, you will explore batman’s criminal activity. This is a  masterclass story in which with a character to influence.

Batman character-loving people will never miss this out.  Batman is one of the best superhero characters of all time.

A normal preacher in a town got some supernatural powers and abilities which are a mixture of pure goodness and pure evil to control things and becomes the most powerful entity in the universe. The story takes you with the flow and will engage you till the end. A huge cast of characters has been included.

Preacher by Garth Ennis will take you on a journey while reading.  While watching preacher you will experience different graphics and visual effects.

We recommend you to read Preacher as it is one of the best books ranked among different comic books

Watchmen is a murder mystery. You will see a lot of characters, a superhero, and many thrilling moments. You will enjoy watching it. Watchmen is based on the investigation of the murderer which is very much thrilling.

It includes many visual effects and graphics to engage the audience. Watchmen is written by Alan Moore who is an award-winning writer of Batman-The killing joke.

Watchmen is one of the best comic books you can read. We highly recommend you read this book. So be ready and don’t miss a chance to read Watchmen now.

6. The Sandman ( BUY ON AMAZON )

This novel “ The Sandman will reveal several old facts that are still valid. The Sandman introduces some characters like Lucifer, DC universe, and Azazel which are now popular among us.

The Sandman will give you some exciting moments through which they will capture your interest and will engage you till the end.

If you love comic books which include different types of characters and characters with high levels of supernatural powers then we will highly recommend you to start reading this novel now. This will give you more interesting facts about your favorite character and how they came into existence.

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