Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Freelancer

These Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Freelancer are easy to follow and also give you chance for finical freedom. Earning money online from anywhere in the world is now so much easy for everyone. There are many ways to make income online and sustain your life. In this blog we will tell you about Top 10 ways to make income from your comfort of home by working for other people. If you are having skill then we highly recommend you to read the complete blog and if you are beginner who don’t have any skill but wants to make money online then there is a also some useful methods for you as well.

  1. Commenting on Blogs and Website

Number one is, commenting on blogs and websites. Owners want people to like you and me to comment on their blogs because that will boost their Google rankings and also so that there are some increased website visitors. So for that, you simply have to say that you will live original and neutral comments and then people can pay for you for that. You can also make money by commenting on other people’s blogs using affiliate programs by just simply using referrals or creating referrals to get other people involved. Most people like comments because they can decide on the rating and posting of people. Having a positive feedback on the product increase the potential of sale.

  • Photo Editing

Number two is removing the background of the image or change it. People hire a freelance photo editor from Fiverr and pay them for editing pictures, changing backgrounds, and color correction. If you are an expert in Photoshop then you sell this service on different freelance platforms and earn money from Fiverr. Business owners that use the service from fiver or other freelance websites and they buy people like remove background. You can do this with one click using the tools like Photoshop or canvas.

  • SEO Services

Every website needs an SEO process to show good results on google, businesses are focusing on online growth through proper SEO strategy. Nowadays SEO Consultants are high in demand and people are looking for motivated & experience SEO experts who manage all the work of the website. The main responsibilities of the SEO manager are to create highly optimized content for a website, apply on-page factors, and then work on the off-page side to drive traffic from different platforms. So if you are one who exactly knows how to do proper SEO of website then you can earn 6 figure income by just providing services on Fiverr and SEO clerk freelance website.

  • Virtual Assistant

So As a virtual assistant, you have to create your professional profile and tell people that you will be a virtual assistant, and then you list on your geek, like, what are the things that you can do for a person. You can provide a lot of services as a virtual assistant like data entry, Google spreadsheet management, messages or telephone calling or analyzing some numbers or reports, whatever you can do as a virtual assistant listed in your profile, then people can find you and they can hire you through a different platform, but the popular one is

  • Video Editor

Nowadays video editing is a best option for earning money as a freelancer. There are lot of opportunities for video editors. Videographers make videos while the video editor gives an ideal look to the video. Video editors are creative and know where to show creativity. Through their creativity they attract the viewers so first of all you must learn how to edit videos. Video editing is a skill which can be leaned in a month or maybe two.

Many companies are in search of professional video editors. Companies want to edit their promotional videos for their products or services, so you can work for them and can earn a good package. You can work for individuals like working with a YouTuber who wants to make a channel but doesn’t know how to make a perfect video and how to edit it you can make videos for them and can edit them through which you can earn a handsome amount, You can make videos for doctors, lawyers, teachers and can make them a potential client.

On the top freelance platforms like Fiver, freelancer, and upwork you can start your professional video editing career now. You just have to make an account and post an advertisement for your services. These platforms are free and can give you potential clients.

  • Data Entry.

This is a job you can start while sitting in your home. You just have to enter the data like sales receipt, addresses or numbers into the computer. There are a lot of people who are earning money from data entry. Best website in which you can earn money by entering data are Fiver. In this job you just have to follow the instructions regarding the data and start entering it. You will need some tools in which you can enter data like google spreadsheet.

The best thing about data entry work is that you don’t need any college degree to start this work. You just need computer, laptop and a strong knowledge of computers and different software. Many individuals do not have time to enter data they need someone who can do data entry for them in a short time. So the key is you need to be quick. If you want your client to become permanent show them your efficiency in work. Complete and deliver the work before the given time so they will get impressed and will give you more tasks.

  • Content Writing

There is a huge demand for content writers nowadays from reputed companies to the YouTubers all of them need some content writers to write creative content for them. You just need to learn English and start writing content. Your writing skills will reflect how creative you are in writing how you start the content, eye-catching words, how you proceed with the content with a flow, and how you end the content will show your creativity so focus on these major things while writing a content for anyone.

Quality in the Content

Bring quality to the content by adding quality words that attract the reader. You as a content writer will have to attract the readers to continue reading your blog till the end. In your words build trust with the reader. The starting words are very important you have to show quality in first paragraph.

  • Proofreading

Proofreading means that you read a text after writing a content and then you have to check all the grammar, punctuation, everything is correct or not. If something is missing you have to add it, if grammar is not correct then correct it accordingly, and check the spelling mistakes all the content must be perfect and must be published after a proofreading.

Most businessman have a lot of work to cover so they want their reports or business letters to be checked by someone and they pay pretty well for that. So become a proofreader and start proofreading for different people.

  • Web Developer

Many Companies and individuals are willing to pay for this role because they are looking for good professionals for developing a website for their company. Nowadays ecommerce website making is in high demand. Many business owners needs an ecommerce website for their stores and they pay pretty well to the web developers

As a Website developer, you can do multiple things. You can work remotely for companies to build and maintain websites for companies and earn from giving these services. You can make your website and can sell it to other people. You can start earning on the websites like fiver, Upwork and freelancers just simply advertising your services and getting orders from national and international clients.

  1. Voice Overs.

This work starts with e-books. For example, somebody has written an e-book and wants to have an audiobook. So they will go to Fiver. They will search for voiceovers. You just need to read the books loud and clear for them so they will pay money for that. There are different websites where you can do this.

Six voice jobs are owned by Amazon is an amazing platform and they pay you even two hundred twenty-five dollars for one audio hour. Usually, it will take nearly 5 hours to finish 1 audio hour. So it will be approx. forty dollars per hour. That website pays pretty well. But I can say that based on my research, you need to have some experience or at least some good skills to make money on that website. But on a fiver, you can start lower money, and then you can start without any skills, any experience, and you can simply read out loud some text and you can make money with voice-overs immediately.

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