Top 10 Best Games for Kids

Top 10 Best Games for Kids

Kids are the most popular among the game players. Kids play more games than young people and adults. They are more interested in and focused on gaming. Tech companies usually target kids for gaming because they are more passionate and have high knowledge of games. By targeting kids they generate more revenue. Kids are more enthusiastic and active participants to learn and accomplish the different levels of games. There is a high chance that they can buy your offers in games like different coin packages, unlocking different features and you can run different ads according to the interests of kids. This will grab their attention and you will get more responses to your advertisements.

Kids love to play games of different categories. Some of the categories which kids love are Car or bike racing games, action games, and survival games. Kids are creative and love playing games of different niches.

We will recommend you Top 10 best games for Kids to play now!

1. Honey Bee Jungle Simulator

Honey Bee Jungle Simulator is an apple’s IOS 3D game. In this amazing game, you will experience different features. In this game, you will experience an amazing animated Honey Bee that is on the way to building its colony.  You will learn how a bee works and what are some roles and responsibilities of a bee in this game. While playing Honey Bee Jungle Simulator you will fly a bee, you will grow your colony with the help of the bee and its ability to fly high and fast.

If you are a Kid and love playing animal 3D games then we will highly recommend you start playing Honey Bee Jungle Simulator now. In the out list of the top 10 best Games for Kids, the bee simulator is still at number one due to high evidence from different areas.

2. X Racer | Modern Jet Racer

Modern-day kids love playing the latest simulator games with awesome features and a variety of different levels. X Racer is also an IOS game. X Racer is among some of the best Simulator games. X Racer is a flight simulator in which you will experience space with some crazy jets. In X Racer you will experience stunning graphics which will give you a high-quality gaming experience and you will engage throughout different levels of the game. It is not a difficult game it is as easy as you like with smooth and easy controls.

3. Arab Prince Surfer East Runner - Best & Free iPhone game

Arabic Prince Surfer East is a free IOS game available on iPhones and I Pad. Arab prince surfer is just like subway surfers but it has some new features which are incredibly awesome. This game is full of fun and entertainment; you will experience the culture of Arabians. There are 4 different characters in this game from which can choose according to your choice and the performance of the character.

If you love playing games like subway surfers or temple run then we will recommend you to play Arab Prince Surfer East Runner to get a new experience of the game.

Download Arab Prince Surfer and start your ride now. You will enjoy this journey and don’t forget to collect coins.

4. Rocket In Space

Rocket in space is our recommendation for you. This is an amazing game in which you will shoot the rocket with the tank. Rocket in space is kid-friendly gameplay. This game is designed with some awesome colors that as a kid you will love. Some features of the game are eye-catching and engaging. There are highly detailed realistic designs that are eye-catching and there are some thrilling missions that will engage till the end.

Rocket in space is among some games which are high in demand and people love to play these types of games in their daily life. We also recommend you play Rocket in space because of its awesome and realistic features. These realistic features will engage the players to play till the end.

5. Bus and Subway

Bus and subway is another best IOS game. It is similar to that of Arabic Prince Surfer East Runner you will enjoy playing Bus and Subway more than Arab Prince Surfer because it has more fun and entertainment. Bus and Subway are designed especially for kids. Their characters are more kid-oriented. Its colored graphics are very attractive and you will get more and more coins as you run faster and more accurately.

Enjoy this entertaining game because this will give you the best features that you need as a game player. So Bus and Subway is also another recommendation for you to start playing now.

6. Fruit Crush Jelly Blast

Fruit Crush jelly is also one of the best games for kids. If you are a kid so we recommend you play this game it is free and easy to install from the app store.

Fruit crush is one of the most popular games among users. Millions of people play fruit crush puzzle games and they love playing these types of games. In this amazing game, you have to match the candies to solve the puzzle. This game is not only played by kids but young and adults also play this game because it is a puzzle game and it is loved by millions.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a kid, youngster, or an adult, if you want some fun and excitement you can play Fruit crush jelly blast now.

7. Burger Now

Burger Now is a restaurant game in which you have to prepare burgers for the customers on their demand. Take orders from your customers and prepare their orders on time so that you can complete a maximum number of orders. While playing Burger Now you will be the owner of a restaurant and you will make burgers and sell them to your customers. Burger now is a very friendly game you will feel more relaxed and happy while playing this game. It is an awesome game for food lovers or people who love playing food games.

If you love playing food games whether you are a boy or girl we will recommend you to play Burger Now today to become a Burger Master and a restaurant owner.

Serve burgers to your hungry customers and grow your restaurant. From this game, you will learn how to manage time while taking orders and how to cook burgers.

8. Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint (Paid Game for iPad & iPhone)

Kids will surely love this game. It is a fun app for the children to draw amazing paintings on it. This game will make you creative and if you love drawing and painting then download this app now and start making drawings it does not require any skill. You just have to install the app and start creating your favorite character it will give an amazing experience of creativity.

Draw and sketch and show your creative skill to people. This is a very interesting app you will find out how creative you are and how much you are capable of drawing the things that are in your mind.

9. Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup House (Paid Game for iPad & iPhone)

Sweet baby girl cleanup house is another best game specially designed for girls and kids. In this amazing game, you will clean your messy house and give your house a clean and tidy look.

Girls usually love to play this game because they love their house and they love to clean their house, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. The main motive of this game is to encourage children to help their parents in cleaning the house and as a child, you should learn how to clean common things in your house

So let’s start playing this game and give your house a clean look. We highly recommend you play this game because this is one of the educational games from which you will learn real-life tasks and how to accomplish them.

10. My Home Design 3D

My Home Design 3D is a puzzle game through which you can design your dream house. Home design is a new creative game that allows the player to decorate the house using his/her creativity. It is fun playing Home design. It will provide you with more options like access to the kitchen, furniture, bathrooms, etc.

So start playing My Home Design 3D now to get a different experience of gaming and creativity. You will learn different things while playing My Home Design 3D. This game is for everyone so enjoy this awesome game and unlock different features of the game. The best feature of this game is that you can play this game offline.

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