How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

It is important know How to Overcome Fear while speaking in public because speaking is a powerful tool to convey your message in audience.

Speak without Hesitation

Most people have a fear of public speaking. In fact, several studies have shown that the most common fear people have is public speaking so it’s kind of weird if you don’t fear public speaking.

We all speak with our friends or family members without hesitation but we fear speaking in public with strangers that is the fear of public speaking. Speaking in public with a crowd can make you hesitate. Psychologists believe that human beings are programmed to fear it can be fear of losing, fear of being laughed at, and fear of being separated from the crowd. Whenever you will get a chance to speak then speak loudly and clearly because when you’re standing to speak there will be an audience over there who are listening to you.

  • Find the authentic solution that works for you                            
  • Finding the best solution will give you the confidence of speaking. You have to make sure you have great interesting presentation skills for this audience.

One mistake most people usually make while speaking in public is that they look scared while giving the presentation. They just try to read the presentation slides and that will never help you gain confidence. If you want to overcome this fear you have to stand tall and you have to make eye contact with the audience.  If you try to speak confidently without any fear the audience will never get bored they will hear you and will appreciate your efforts.

The process to overcome the fear of public

  • Audit everything that you think is important or you have to send it to your colleagues or boss, use grammar checking tools, and spell check to ensure that you are sending the right thing to others.
  • Use spellcheck before sending an email or summary of your project. Check the recording, audio, etc to ensure good quality audio or video mail. That’s the process for getting a great presentation. When you have a great presentation and you know it’s a good presentation it becomes extremely difficult to be nervous or fearful.

Fear of losing audience

  • While giving a presentation or speaking in public you must understand what type of audience you have gathered. Give the speech according to the audience’s interest. Because they will get bored if you don’t speak well or if you are the one who reads the slides.
  • Figuring out everything and narrowing it down to what your audience is expecting. I could say on this subject what’s most important how if I narrowed it down to what my audience is.
  •  Try giving ideas in your speech it can be three, four, or five so that people remember them and they will never be bored with your speech.

Complexity is your enemy because at some level even if at the subconscious level you know you’re boring your audience to death. Complexity is putting a lot of pressure on the individuals to either remember stuff or to read a whole bunch of stuff and the individuals will not use to reading in front of people which will become difficult and they will hesitate and ultimately become nervous.

Rehearse before presentation

Practice your speech before giving a presentation.  Open your cell phone or any camera and start recording your speech and you’ve got to watch it. But here’s the thing. Everyone in your audience whether it’s a classroom or a thousand people at a trade association convention they’re going to have to hear your voice. Everyone in the audience side is watching you so be prepared for that. If they’re going to do it you might as well know what they’re seeing and hearing. That’s why it’s critically important for you to practice on video.

Become a confident speaker in public

Stop telling yourself that you have a fear of public speaking. The best thing about the speakers is that they love to speak in public. They start the presentation with some major facts and then grow with the flow. Reagan and Bill Clinton are some of the best speakers they both are fair-minded people and great speakers. The one thing they have in common is you get the sense that they’re having fun with this that they like speaking in public and that they’re good at it and that they know they’re good at it. So exclude this thing that you are not good at speaking. Start speaking and have fun you will enjoy this.

Long-term speaking goals and conclusions

  • Try to find some places to speak and it can be non-threatening.
  • Practice your speeches. Practice your presentations on this on your cell phone on any video camera and tell you like it if you do that. Guarantee you your fears of public speaking will be eliminated.

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