3 Phases for Hiring the Best Employees

Hiring process management for Recruitment Specialist

First of all, when you start hiring new employees you must identify why you are hiring and what will the employee give in return if you hire them.

Hiring a competent employee will give you benefits but how will you hire the most competent employees?

First of all, you have to advertise for a job vacancy. You can advertise it in the newspaper, on billboards, and on social media platforms nowadays social media platform is the best for advertising.

In your advertisement give the following details clearly and specifically

First Phase

  • Job Title

First of you have to title of the job for example sales and marketing officer or IT manager this will give the candidate the know-how of the title and it attracts the ideal candidates

  • Job Description

After that, you have to identify for which role the employee should be hired. Make a job description in which you will describe the job title roles and responsibilities so that the candidates apply for the job accordingly.

  • Job Requirement

Next is the job requirements portion you have to highlight the requirements of the candidates for the job. Job requirements include Education, skills, and experience if necessary. However, some jobs don’t require a high level of education instead the company prefers highly skilled and experienced personnel for that post.

Second Phase

After the advertisement process, you have to shortlist the right candidates of the applications many are irrelevant or some are not meeting the exact criteria so you have to be very careful while shortlisting the applications.

Now you have shortlisted the applications and you just need to be more efficient and prepare a questionnaire for the shortlisted candidates in which you can ask generic questions or some field questions to qualify and disqualify the candidates for the interview phase.

Reviewing the resume

You can identify the candidates by just simply reviewing the resumes one by one. You can judge candidates by just simply reviewing their resumes and can conclude that either this is the right candidate or not.

Calling Candidates

This is the most realistic way to check candidates’ professionalism and interests. You can call the candidates and can

  • Ask them to introduce themselves.
  • Ask them their salary expectations and
  • Ask them their current address because some candidates do not want to relocate.
  • Ask them the date they can join.

Third Phase

 Now you have completed and shortlisted the candidates. It’s time for an interview call the shortlisted candidates for the interview and give them interview dates.

Types of Interview

Interviews can be of many types most commonly used interview types are

  • Traditional Interview
  • Online Interview

You can take online interviews as well as physically. Candidates who are living in another city can be interviewed online through different platforms. It can be a video interview or audio.

From online interviews, you can check the level of knowledge candidates have, however in a physical interview you can check both knowledge and confidence level.

Predetermined questions

Make a list of questions that you will ask in the interview.

Start with their profile and ask them to introduce their self. Make the candidate feel easy and adjust to the environment.

Then start the technical interview in which you ask field-related questions.

Provide all necessary information to the candidate.

After the interview, you have to decide on the candidate.

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