Books to read in your 20’s

Books to read in your 20s

If you are one who loves and frequently reads books then must read reviews of the following 6 best Books to read in your 20s. These are best-selling books on amazon. 

1. Such a fun age by Kiley Reid ( BUY ON AMAZON )

This book is for people who are around 20. In “ Such a fun age”, Reid’s focus was on racism, and in this story, she covers many aspects of racism and defines clearly how to stop such acts which are unethical.

As in your early 20s, you will learn what racism is and what actions you should take to stop racists. Judging others by their color, religion, or country is not ethical and even not legal.

So we recommend “Such a fun age” by Kiley Reid to understand racism and how to stop racists from violating the law. Once you read this book you will ensure quality among every type of person whether it be in your workplace or in public.

2. The Myths of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky ( BUY ON AMAZON )

Creating myths in your life to be happy can have serious consequences. This can lead us to make wrong decisions in life. However, we should create goals and visions to stay motivated but on the other hand, creating irrelevant myths can cause serious implications.

If your age is around 20 we highly recommend you read this book because this book will create a positive impact in your life.

This book will change your perception regarding happiness and will motivate you to be happy without having these myths.

3. How to Be a Person in the World by Heather Havrilesky ( BUY ON AMAZON )

If you are in your 20’s this book will surely give you motivation. If you want to be a person in the world you have to sacrifice your comfort zone and your love life.

You will get motivated by people who sacrifice their comfort zones and are now millionaires. Our visions impact our decisions. Success is the key to happiness. Success will come when you start working on yourself and not for others.

We highly recommend reading “How to be a person in the world” for your personal and professional development in your 20s.

4. The Secret History by Donna Tartt ( BUY ON AMAZON )

Six college students experimented on thoughts and life which ends up in the death of one of them involved in the experiment.

If you are 20 you will learn different lessons from this book as we should always remember our boundaries and limits and we should not experiment more than required.

5. The opposite of Loneliness ( BUY ON AMAZON )

To make an impact on the world when we think about what we want to be can even sometimes be so scary.

Every student when they pasoft from college they start searching for a job. They hassle and some struggle to get a job. In this race, we sometimes do not focus on ourselves and end up with scary results.

Similar is the case in “The opposite of loneliness”. We recommend you read this book.

6. The Defining Decade by Meg Jay ( BUY ON AMAZON )

“The defining decade” focuses on the importance of the 20s. In this decade most people’s personalities change. Most changes in behavior in people are found in their 20s. In our 20s we identify our weaknesses and work on them and make changes.

Scientific research has shown that some people change their behavior due to stress, anxiety, and pressure from the job. Some people change their attitude due to age. Some change their thoughts regarding different people.

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