8 Best Books Based on True Stories

8 Best Books Based on True Stories

Here is the list of 8 Best Books Based on True Stories which are considered the best real stories. 

1. Salvage the bones

“Salvage the bones” is a true story of a black family which survives in a small town in Mississippi fighting poverty, sexual abuse, and violence.

This true story will give you a lot of knowledge about life and how life problems evolve and how you can deal with most of them. You will get to know the racist culture in the past and how the people in the past faced racism.

We recommend you read “Salvage the bones” so that you can learn the reality of life and how it proceeds. In the past, there was no equality and justice.

2. See What I Have Done

In the novel “See What I Have Done” Sarah Schmidt explains the murder story very clearly and concisely. She focuses on the murder with the family issues.

This story is very much engaging and once you start reading See what I have done you will surely read the novel till the end because it will give you some exciting moments like suspense situations.

We recommend you read this reality-based story because Sarah Schmidt explained it very precisely and elaborately to the audience. So start reading this book now.

3. The Girl Who Escaped from Auschwitz

This is an amazing novel among others. In this novel, Ellie Midwood explained how women escaped from Auschwitz. Auschwitz is a german concentration camp. This is a story of a brave woman Mala Zimetbaum, who managed to escape Auschwitz. She was the first woman to do it.

In this true story, the bravery of Mala Zimetbaum is appreciated. How she managed to escape and how she save other people’s life was a phenomenal actor and which is motivating for other women.

We highly recommend you to read The Girl Who Escaped from Auschwitz and if you are a woman then you must read this book.

4. Dead Mountain

“Dead Mountain” is probably one of the scary novels of all time. A group of nine friends visited dead mountain for a hike. They did not come up with the proper necessary equipment which is needed which causes their life.

If you are a person who loves adventure and mountains then you should read this book because in this book there are many lessons which as a mountaineer or an adventurer you must know before going into the mountains.

Without a plan or necessary equipment, you cannot go for a hike or summit mountains. To ensure the necessary items that you need while going to a mountain.

We recommend you to read this book from today.

5. Girl Waits with Gun

A story of a girl who is not interested in the normal affairs of life. She was the woman who have some guts to take action like men. She is not a normal woman. She was the first woman in the 90s to become the deputy sheriff but she was also involved in a murder case.

This novel is based on a true story and we recommend you to read this novel from now.

6. Never Fall Down

“Never fall” is a story of a young man who is a normal young energetic person who is simply living his life but one day his life changes from a normal boy to a soldier man. However, he was forced to be a soldier man.

This is a novel that is based on a real-life story and as a teenager, you should read this novel because you should know the struggle of the people in the past and how they survive.

7. Salt to the Sea

This is a novel based on a real-life disaster in titanic and Lusitania. This was such a disaster that approximately 10,000 people died in this incident.

This is the scariest novel in which you will the disastrous situation in the sea. Families and children were critically affected by the incident. There were over 5,000 children who lost their lives in the incident.

We recommend you to read this one of the best novels in which  Ruta Sepetys ( writer of Salt to the sea) pictured the incident beautifully.

8. The Revenant By Michael Punke

The Revenant is a true story of a man named Hugh Glass who is a Fur Trapper one day he was with his friends suddenly he faced a grizzly bear, his companions left him to death. Despite not having any resources or supplies he faced the grizzly bear and survived.

After that when he survived he searched for those companions who left him to die.

We recommend you to read this novel because this will explain to you whether your companions are loyal or not. You will gain some truth about trust and loyalty.

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