Best Puzzle Games

Top 5 Best Puzzle Games

These are some games that are popular across the globe. People love to play puzzle games because they are directly linked to their minds. Puzzle games are popular among every aged people. From children to adults all of them love to play puzzle games.

1. Cut The Spinner Rope

A puzzle game that is loved by millions. Cut the spinner with your skills. It Is a game which is played by every person. Children to adults love to play these types of games. We all played puzzle games in our childhood and some of us still love playing puzzle games. 

2. Dice Merge - Merge Puzzle 3D

A very Exiting dice game. This is one of the puzzle games which we will recommend you start playing now. Accept the challenge and start your journey. Dice merge is a game for all. If you are not a regular game player you should try this game. Dice merger is very easy to understand and requires no hard skill to understand. It is most played game in the list of 5 best puzzle games.

A very beautifully designed game with some extra features which will engage the users. So our second recommendation for the puzzle game is Dice merge. Play Dice merge and challenge your mind now.

3. Brain Extreme Workout

If you are a puzzle game lover then you should play brain extreme workout now. A superb game with some engaging features. Play this game not only for excitement but also to test your mind. Brain Extreme Workout is a Mind relaxing game. It is a workout game. In this game, you will have some tasks to complete words. If you don’t know how to play then don’t worry this game has an awesome feature of “Hint” through which you will get special assistance from the game.

4.Fruit Crush Jelly Blast

Fruit Crush Jelly Blast is another puzzle game in our list which is played by every person. Crushing games have been very popular among the audience. There are so many exciting features in this game that you will enjoy while playing the game. This is a game that everyone can play because it is very easy to understand and play.

If you have played games like candy crush, pet rescue, etc. which are popular around the globe then you will love fruit crush jelly blast because it has some common features that some popular crush games have. In Fruit crush jelly blast there are some of your favorite candies which you love to eat in your daily life. So once you start playing this game you will enjoy and will engage throughout.

5. Save The Ball, Wooden Maze

Special game with special features an IOS game that you all love to play while you are at home, alone, or at work you will feel relaxed and excited.

Save the Ball, a wooden Maze is designed to guide the ball to the green goal block by moving the blocks. This is a very addictive game once you start playing this you will feel more excited and relaxed.

Benefits of Puzzle Games:

  • Many studies have shown that people who play puzzle games daily have a higher IQ level which means that people who use to play puzzle games daily can solve problems more quickly and efficiently.
  • Increases your brain efficiency. People who play puzzle games daily have a strong memory which is very important in their daily life. If you work with your brain more efficiently then you will gain a competitive edge over others which will make you successful in life.
  • Playing puzzle games reduces stress. When you complete a puzzle you will feel happiness and enjoyment which will reduce your stress level.

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